The walking tour app launched by the Flemish Ardennes Tourist Board is free to download for your smartphone: an invitation to discover the Finest Landscape that Flanders has to offer.

Take a walk through the past in Oudenaarde, Geraardsbergen, Zottegem and Ronse

Tucked into the folds of the undulating landscape of the Flemish Ardennes are Oudenaarde, Geraardsbergen, Zottegem & Ronse, four cities that bear the marks of a celebrated past. The MyTours app uses photographs, audio and video clips and short texts to guide you on your journey through time.

Discover the Flemish Ardennes

It takes no time at all to reach the middle of the Flemish Ardennes countryside, starting from the centre of Oudenaarde, Geraardsbergen, Zottegem and Ronse. During the 12 walking tours available with the MyTours smartphone app as a guide you will still have the opportunity to stroll around the various cities. The major events and nuggets of information will help you to learn what made this region what it is today.

Major events and nuggets of information

Why did Emperor Charles the 5th offer the Oudenaarde city guard, Hanske De Krijger, a pair of spectacles? Why do you have to wait for the train at the front - or is it the back – of the station in Ronse? Was one statue of Egmont not enough in Zottegem? And why do they necessarily want to stand on top of a Wall in Geraardsbergen?

Download MyTours

Download MyTours and walk from one answer to another in the midst of the Finest Landscape that Flanders has to offer.